Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dancing into who we are meant to be for MLK Day

Today, the day before MLK Day, we danced to Moodfood, an oldie but goodie Nia routine which features the Joy of dancing to part of the "I have a dream" speech. I invited everyone to imagine the best version of humanity we can imagine, perhaps all people living together in peace and harmony, caring together for our earth. Then, holding that dream or image in our hearts and minds, step into it, own it, and dance it together, playing with the idea that past-present-future are all here now. Every human that ever lived has contributed to this moment we are continually stepping into. They are all here now. The intention we are holding for humanity is our future, and we create the future NOW. We are the culmination of every human who has ever lived. We are manifesting the new human, the best version of humanity, right now, this is who we are. We were all born to live in these times and elevate humanity to its highest purpose. Let's keep stepping into our highest aspirations for humanity - it is in our DNA. Everybody zip up your earthsuit! We are on the ride of our lives!

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