Monday, April 28, 2014

Talk on Nia: Life as Art - Tuesday April 29th

I will be presenting a class Life as Art: An Exploration of Movement, Meaning, and Mindfulness at 9:30am on Tuesday April 29th, 2014. This is for the Academy for Lifelong Learning in Corvallis. It will last 2 hours, or a little less. I will be deconstructing a Nia class and illuminating many little details about what goes into each part, the value and purpose of many of the things we do in Nia. Basically, things you pick up as a student over a long period of time, but would not know as a new or even fairly new Nia student. Lots of little juicy details that make Nia such an extraordinary practice. First Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Road, Corvallis.  FREE!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 One Billion Rising Flashmob!

Here's our flashmob!  April 19th, 2014 at the Farmers's market.  Why it matters: One Billion Rising is an international organization dedicated to ending violence against women. While violence against women has been institutionalized for millennia, NEVER in the history of humanity has there been a rally this big (planetary) to break the chain of violence. We are creating history. Changing our story. And as cultures learn to appreciate women and stop treating us like things, we change the way we relate to our MOTHER - Earth. It's all related. HAPPY EARTH (MOTHER) DAY!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Billion Rising Flashmob this Saturday April 19th 10:15am...

At the Corvallis Farmer's Market.  We'll huddle at the fountain at first and Jackson around 10:00am.  If you can't make it to the huddle, join us for the dance at 10:15am at 1st and Jackson.  We'll be on Jackson street.  Please don't block first street.  The introduction will be done by a child, Cleo, then we will all join when the rhythm picks up.  We'll be wearing purple, the color of domestic violence awareness.  If you forget, or don't have purple, no problem, come as you are.  If you feel shy, join the dance later - during the freedance or the last chorus (we repeat the chorus move 8 times).  It's the first outdoor farmer's market of the year and you won't want to miss it.  You'll be there anyway, so might as well dance!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What does Nia do for you? From Timberhill Athletic Club Newsletter

As a long time student and instructor of the Nia Technique, a body/mind fitness class at Timberhill, I can say that it gives me vitality, well-being, fitness, joy, a passion for living, and it keeps me connected to my heart and my highest purpose.  I often feel like a broken record trying to describe what it is to those who have not done it – and, like chocolate, it must be tasted – it can’t be adequately described.  So, I invited some of the Nia regulars to tell you what they get out of class and here are excerpts from some of their comments.  (A heart-felt THANK YOU to all who participated!)  You, too, can experience the joy of moving and being in your body, no previous experience necessary.  Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00pm and Sunday morning at 11:30am.
I love that Nia has the power to make me forget I'm exercising, because it's so fun. Nia is based on a variety of movement traditions, including martial arts, yoga, and modern dance, and I feel that my body and spirit receive a wide range of benefits, from stretching to strengthening to cardio.  Nia is exploration through movement--it never gets boring! ~ K.M.
Nia provides regular practice of awareness of my body in space and is gradually allowing me to move with more freedom and awareness in all of my life. ~ C.S.
Nia class is perfect for my physical level with enjoyment.  When I do Nia I can release tension and feel peace of mind.  ~ M.K.
This class is an excellent combination of aerobics, muscle training, coordination training and stretching.  It also helps me relax mentally. ~ S.N.
After trying a variety of classes over the years, I've found the one that gives me strength training, agility and flexibility work, and cardio benefits like no other.  It's a fun fusion of dance, martial arts, and healing arts with great music!  There's no strain for perfection in a Nia class.  You'll find a variety of dancers of different body sizes and fitness levels smiling as we move through our own personal adaptation of the moves trusting ourselves as we make each hour of exercise our own. ~ L.F.
In one word answers : Joy,  release,  balance.  A low back injury forced me to let go of running,  Zumba,  belly dancing,  and several other activities through which I'd previously found fitness and peace of mind.  When I dance Nia I feel confident that I can choose the right level of intensity to take care of my back, and still experience fitness and cardiovascular wellness. ~ C.F.
I enjoy Nia because it's fun to dance. Out of all the classes I take at Timberhill I think I smile the most in [Nia] class. ~ GA
I’ve enjoyed the flowing movement of the Nia class that prompts you to listen to your body.  The instructor is a role model and very supportive in class.  For those who have said to me, “I can’t do the Nia class because you have to be bare foot and I have flat feet”, I'll say to them, it’s o.k. to wear shoes, I do! ~  P.N.
I would love to share what I get from NIA. I tell people it is my church. The most open hearted, uplifting, emotional, mindful congregation I have experienced. My body feels more flexible and elastic, including my organs. And joyfully, my mind. Setting new patterns and intentions. ~S.S.
I love Nia because it improves my strength, my energy and my flexibility all at once and absolutely painlessly, without any drudgery, without having to memorize drills or movements, and it lifts my spirits. I can come to class feeling tired, depressed and/or stressed, and I leave loosened up and full of joy and energy. ~ C.S.
I love Leela's Nia class because no matter what my mood is at the start, I feel light and happy by the end of class.  Also, it is exercise but feels like fun, not work, the time flies by. ~ S.K.
Nia is a freeing, gratifying experience that is so much soul-soothing fun you hardly realize you're also getting a great workout.  ~ M.W.
Nia gives you physical and emotional strength to help you in your personal journey through life.  I have health issues that have become easier to overcome since I started Nia.  I highly recommend the class to everyone who wants to enjoy creating a healthy workout program for your body and soul. ~ V.B.
I notice when I do Nia I move through the world more gracefully for days afterward, lighter in body and spirit. It's amazing for the body and helps lift the late winter doldrums! ~ G.W.
Nia is the best "full body" workout I've found. It's energizing and aerobic, yet gentle to my old injuries. I really enjoy the variety of music exercise routines. Leela is a fantastic instructor!  ~ M.F.
Nia is like yoga for my mind & spirit; I feel looser, more flexible at work and I feel like dancing around the kitchen at home.  It's cool that it incorporates Martial arts moves and concepts. Nia is powerful and playful- a fun and challenging practice for me. ~ K.M.
The movements, music and directions of Leela during the class, stimulate positive thinking and helps you start feeling more confident, happy and hopeful. Every time I go to classes I feel more positive about myself and others…. Sometimes I am dancing but at the same time I am praying and sending love and strength to my loved ones. I am very grateful and feel very lucky to have met Leela and Nia. It is not just a class - it is a way of living. ~ M.I.S.

Here's the Newsletter article.  Please feel free to add your comments below.