Wednesday, December 9, 2009

healing power of dance..

This is a lovely example of the healing power of dance. Gently and lovingly, breaking away from old, dysfunctional movement patterns and creating new neurophysiological connections and abilities. The article contains a video.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Skin: largest organ in the body.

Protection, communication, elimination. Skin breathes, absorbs oxygen, nutrients, (sometimes toxins), releases waste products, pheromones, lubricants, and antibacterial substances. Skin is one of many miracles of our bodies. We communicate through skin by the way we touch, and the way we receive touch. When I am stressed, an unpleasant scent emanates from my skin. When I am frightened, or cold, or when I am touched in certain ways (physical or emotional), the hair on my skin stands up. Skin changes color to communicate physical or emotional states.

We can develop a greater sensory awareness in our skin, just by paying attention to it. How does the skin feel when the elbow floats gently up? How does it feel when I pull the elbow sharply into my core? When I bring an awareness of breathing through the skin into my dance or movement, how does it effect my mental/physical/emotional state?

Greater sensory awareness gives us access to greater pleasure.

Explore the joy of breathing and sensing pleasure through the skin this evening at TAC when we dance to Delerium. 7:00pm (If you are not a member of TAC, you can purchase a day pass for $10.00.)