Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cultivating Creativity Through Movement: a free workshop

If you have attended my classes, Nia or Fit for Life, you may have noticed we start off differently than most fitness classes.  Most classes start out with a fast, boom-boom warm-up.  I tend to start out slow.  There are physical reasons to start out slow:  check out your body, the condition of your joints, discover where you need more or different movement (what feels good?) as well as what hurts, or where you need to modify movements to find more comfort or avoid injury.  Decelerating, or slowing down also helps us to slow the mind and enter a different brain state than we normally walk around in.  This brain state can help us learn movement easier, it stimulates relaxation, and it expands our creative horizons – if we choose to go there.

On Saturday, Feb 15th at 4:00pm I will be presenting a workshop called Cultivating Creativity through Movement at the Symposium on Transformation without Apocaplypse:  How to Live Well on an Altered Planet.  We can’t solve the problems of our time in the same mindset that created them.  Movement, music, and specific exercises can help us enter into an expanded state of connectedness, mutual inspiration,  and open us to seeing things in novel ways - connecting the dots differently.  Curious about brain states and how you can use your time in class more creatively?  Perhaps even dream up an out of the ordinary solution to a problem you are working on?  Check out this FREE workshop at the symposium.  More about the symposium at the LaSells Stewart Center here.  It features a lot of great keynote speakers, including Ursula Le Guin, Kim Stanley Robinson, Kathleen Dean Moore, and Sarah Van Gelder.  It will be an inspiring weekend (including the flashmob on Friday evening).